Eternity Tattoo

3806751159 0c5d2fbee4 Eternity Tattoo

An eternity tattoo is one way of showing your dedication. Tattoos are for life. Eternity is longer than life.

A circle is a symbol of eternity. It has no beginning and no end.

Other symbols of eternity are the snake eating its own tail. This has the idea of life in an endless cycle of death and rebirth.

The Greek myth Oroborous tells of a dragon eating its own tail.

The symbol for eternity is the figure eight on its side. The Chinese love the number 8 for this reason. No beginning, no end…life eternal.

The phoenix bird is another creature that signifies death and rebirth, and thus everlasting life
Check out this great phoenix tattoo.

What are other symbols that would make a great eternity tattoo – make sure to write your answer in the comment.

cc Eternity Tattoo photo credit: kencf0618.

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